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Blues Bear Hawaii is proud to announce that Grammy Award-Winning Fingerpicking Guitar Virtuoso Ed Gerhard is coming to Hawaii for his debut concerts in the islands. 

Grammy Award-Winning Guitarist Ed Gerhard: From Tokyo to Rome and venues across the US, Ed Gerhard’s music has touched audiences all over the world. Performing on 6-string, 12-string, slide guitar or Acoustic Hawaiian Lap Slide, Gerhard captivates his audiences with virtuosity, generosity and sly humor.  Known for his gorgeous tone and compositional depth, Gerhard can move a listener with a single note.  Scott Alalrik of the Boston Globe said it best when he wrote ‘Gerhard does not write instrumentals.  He writes songs only a guitar can sing. Gerhard’s relationship with the guitar began at age 10, when he happened upon classical guitar master Andrés Segovia on TV. “I’d heard all the pop music on the radio and maybe a little of that 60’s folk stuff, but this was the first time I’d ever heard the guitar all by itself and the sound just instantly got me,” he remembers. Ed finally got his first guitar at 14. His initial interest in classical guitar changed dramatically when he heard the music of bluesman Mississippi John Hurt. He quit lessons after the third one. He took some informal lessons with friends and learned by ear, slowing down LPs to half-speed to pick out the tricky parts. At fifteen, Ed was already beginning to perform in local church basement coffeehouses, playing solo and jamming with friends. Check him out: www.edgerhard.com

In 1977 Gerhard moved to New Hampshire where he has resided ever since. Joining a thriving folk and acoustic music scene proved invaluable for the young guitarist. “There seemed to be no limitation on places to play back then, or more importantly, what you could play” says Ed. “You could play anything you wanted as long as people stayed around and drank.” When Gerhard was not performing solo he could often be seen sitting in with other musicians. “I loved to play, it didn’t matter if I was solo or sideman.” During this period Ed began composing and arranging music for solo guitar, using a staggering array of alternative guitar tunings.

Based truly on the quality of his work, Ed built his considerable reputation, beginning with his debut album “ Night Birds” in 1987. It garnered a spot in the Boston Globe Critics Poll Top 10 Albums of the Year.” Shortly after the album’s release, Windham Hill Records included Ed on its Guitar Sampler (Vol.1). One of the highlights of the three hundred thousand unit selling Sampler, “The Handing Down” introduced the world to the beauty of Ed Gerhard’s music. “That one piece made me a lot of friends around the world,” Ed says.

Ed has released his ninth CD “ There and Gone”.  He was awarded a GRAMMY® for his inclusion on the CD “ Henry Mancini; Pink Guitar”.  Warner Brothers, MelBay and Hal Leonard have all released Ed Gerhard’s music in books. His guitar work can be heard on recordings by Arlo Guthrie, Jorma Kaukonen, Bill Morrissey  and in the Ken Burns films “Mark Twain” and “ The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.”

Ed’s CD “ Luna” is featured in Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s 20th Anniversary list of the “240 Essential Albums.” “This soulful album of original compositions rich in melody, chordal complexity and stylistic variety proves why Gerhard is considered to have the most exquisite acoustic guitar tone on the planet.” - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Along with players like Ben Harper and David Lindley, Gerhard’s unique approach to the Weissenborn (an acoustic Hawaiian lap slide guitar) is playing a significant role in reinvigorating interest in this somewhat esoteric but beautiful instrument. Ed’s style of Weissenborn playing is unique in that he composes and arranges music for solo Weissenborn with beautiful melodies, complex chords and moving basslines, unusual for an instrument that normally serves an accompaniment role. Ed is featured in the book “ Lap Steel Guitar” alongside legendary players like Greg Leisz, David Lindley, Jerry Byrd and more.

In a true collaboration of guitarist and guitar maker, Breedlove Guitars released the “ Ed Gerhard Signature Model” guitar. The guitar became one of Breedlove’s best selling guitars and won the “Player’s Choice Award” by  Acoustic Guitar Magazine. Breedlove has released a Gerhard Weissenborn copy in collaboration with Gerhard. Here they have combined traditional design with innovative features and contemporary wood combinations.  Ed tours in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, China and Korea.

Tour Dates:

Jan. 17, Thurs. - Maui

Maui Arts & Cultural Center - McCoy Theater 

one Camron Way Kahului, Hi. 96732

Venue: 808-242-SHOW (7469) Tickets:  $42. $56. Reserved 

Doors: 7:00 pm. Show: 7:30 pm. 

Jan. 18, Fri. -  Hilo

Hilo Ukulele & Guitar

56 Ponahawai St. Hilo, Hi. 96720

Venue: 808-333-5450

Info. 808-896-4845 Tickets: $25.

Doors: 6:30 pm. Show: 7:00 pm.

Jan. 19, Sat. - Big Island Kohala Coast

The Westin Hapuna Beach Resort / Kamani Room

62-100 Kauna’oa Drive  Kohala Coast - Kamuela,  Hi. 96743 

Info: 808-896-4845 Tickets: $35. Gen. Adm. Adv. $48. Gold Circle 

Doors: 6:30 pm. Show: 7:00 pm.

Guitar Workshop (1.5 hrs.) w/ Ed Gerhard

Cost: $55. 

1:30 pm. - 3 pm. 

Note: must be booked in adv. at bluesbearhawaii.com 

Jan. 20, Sun. Kailua - Kona

Gertrude’s Jazz Bar (Dinner Reservations Recommended)

75-5699 Alii Dr. Kailua-Kona, Hi. 96740

Info: 808-896-4845 Venue: 808-327-5299 Tickets: $35. Gen. Adm. Adv.  

Doors: 5:00 pm    Show: 7:00 pm.

Tickets Outlets & Information:

Online Info, Tickets: bluesbearhawaii.com or call: 808-896-4845

Maui: MACC Box Office 808-242- SHOW (7469) or mauiarts.org

Big Island: bluesbearhawaii.com Hilo Ukuleles & Guitars, Hilo Music Exchange - Hilo;  Kea’au Natural Foods. Rogers Guitars - Kea’au; Gertrude’s Jazz Bar, Kona Music Exchange - Kailua-Kona; Kiernan’s Music - Old Town Kainaliu; Waimea General Store - Parker Square, Kamuela; Top Stitch - Honoka'a; 

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Breedlove Guitars released the “Ed Gerhard Signature Model” guitar. Grammy Award winning guitarist Ed Gerhard has created a “guitar voice” of his own that is recognized and praised worldwide. Known for his gorgeous tone and compositional depth, Gerhard can move a listener with a single note. Scott Alarik of the Boston Globe said it best when he wrote “Gerhard does not write instrumentals. He writes songs only a guitar can sing.”

Since his acclaimed debut album Night Birds (chosen by Boston Globe Critics’ Poll, Top Ten Albums Of the Year) was introduced in 1987, Ed has been noticed far outside the borders of New England, where he moved from his native Philadelphia in 1977. Shortly after the album’s release, Windham Hill Records included Ed on its Guitar Sampler (Vol.1). One of the highlights of the over aquarter-of-a-million-selling Sampler, “The Handing Down” is the extended third movement of the Night Birds composition, “Suite.” His release Christmas was chosen as “...the season’s Best Folk Holiday Recording” by the Boston Globe. His 1993 release Luna, made many top ten lists, including Record RoundUp Critics’ Top Ten Albums of the Year. The superior audio quality of Luna lead both Neumann and Mackie Designs, two of the world’s most respected manufacturers of professional audio and recording equipment to “endorse” the recording.

Ed began playing guitar at 14, after marveling at Andrés Segovia on television. Later on, the music of guitarist John Fahey pointed him toward experimentation with open tunings and inspired him to begin composing guitar music of his own. As a result, what distinguishes Ed’s music is his inventive use of open tuning, which allows a variety of color from one composition to the next. Melodic but free from clichés, his playing goes in unexpected directions. Whether his precise, yet lush sound conveys classic sensibilities or inflections of blues, he gracefully imparts his own distinctive touch. Ed’s agility on his instrument shines through on every tune, but as Seacoast music critic Larry Etscovitz emphasizes, “never for mere technical show, always in the service of beauty.” “It isn’t about ‘virtuoso guitar playing’,” says Ed, “It’s the music that is important.”

“From the top of his silvery hair down to his electric blue socks, Gerhard throws himself completely into every song he plays,” says Gail Johnson of the Portsmouth Press. In each performance, whether it be 6-string, 12-string, slide guitar or Hawaiian Lap Steel, Ed blends his musical intensity and sly sense of humor with seasoned aplomb. After mesmerizing an audience with a song, he’ll crack them up with an improvised joke then have them lost in the depths of the next piece before they know it.

Ed has released his eighth CD "Sunnyland" in homage to his early blues heroes. He was awarded the coveted GRAMMY® for his inclusion on the CD Henry Mancini; Pink Guitar. Warner Brothers released Ed Gerhard; The Guitar Songbook and his guitar work can be heard on recordings by Arlo Guthrie and Jorma Kaukonen and in the Ken Burns film Mark Twain. He is featured on Guitar Fingerstyle; A Narada Collection and Masters of Acoustic Guitar; Narada Records. Ed is featured on the All-Star Guitar Night video and A Fingerstyle Summit with Martin Simpson and Adrian Legg by Alfred Publishing. Ed tours extensively in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan and Korea.  

In a true collaboration of guitarist and guitar maker, Breedlove Guitars released the “Ed Gerhard Signature Model” guitar. The guitar has become one of Breedlove's best selling guitars and won the "Player's Choice Award" by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. - Ed Gerhard “Country Blues” Article

He is one of the top acoustic guitarists in the world, but would normally not be mentioned in a blues directory. Nonetheless, he should be. Ed Gerhard, with his distinct, long, silver  hair, plays the blues with such emotive power that it will make your head spin and your eyes mist, so why should he be excluded?

The New Hampshire guitar maestro, teacher and quintessential blues guitarist, is simply a graceful player– an indescribably soulful and stunning instrumentalist with a strong blues repertoire. Playing both 6 and 12 string standard guitar and Weissenborn lapsteel, Gerhard gets a distinctively clean, rich tone and gives every note room to breathe. He plays eloquently and with deep feeling, never too much, never too little– just right, just perfect. The instrumentalist most often performs solo and is often seen performing in international guitar festivals, shoulder to shoulder with the pillars of the international acoustic guitar world. Notable for his inventive use of many different open tunings and a strong melodic sense, Gerhard is not so much a show-off technician, but a rare player whose emphasis is feeling, but also a sense of the beauty of sound. Occasionally, critics of the blues will refer to it as simple, even “crude”. Just listen to Ed Gerhard, who elevates the blues to a level of high musicianship that it is simply beautiful.

His colorful repertoire includes many blues and spiritual standards, such as “My Creole Belle” to “Just can’t keep from crying sometimes”, “Not blind in heaven”, and he also performs a wide range of American and international folk songs. Gerhard also masters a wide range of blues styles, covering the gamut of traditional blues from ragtime to Piedmont, from Mississippi Delta to Betonia, clean over to Hawaiian Hula blues. He deserves to be considered to be among the top echelon of acoustic blues performers today, and you can count on Ed Gerhard to provide supreme listening pleasure no matter what.

Recommended Starter:
Acoustic blues lovers will love “Sunnyland” issued in 2006, a blues focused collection, but every album by Ed Gerhard is a delight.

In a lifetime of hearing music, and 40 years of loving the blues, this reviewer has never heard a better guitar performance than when Ed Gerhard performed at his radio show to a live studio audience. I consider his version of “Just can’t keep from crying sometimes” one of the most unforgettable musical experiences of my life.